Set in Paris during the 1930’s, Victor/Victoria is the story of Victoria Grant, a singer down on her luck, who is persuaded by Caroll Todd, a kind but struggling cabaret emcee, to let him present her in his club as Victor, a man performing as a woman! Desperate for work, she agrees, and soon Victor/Victoria becomes the toast of the Paris nightclub circuit. Then she falls in love with King Marchan, a handsome Chicago club-owner visiting Paris. Much to the dismay of his floozy girlfriend, Norma, King is likewise attracted to the gender-challenged Parisian star. Hilarious antics ensue as jealous Parisian club owners attempt to unmask Toddy’s new star, and the Chicago underworld attempts to trap King in a compromising relationship.


  • Victor/Victoria Grant : Melissa Lacijan
  • King Marchan : Shawn Hahn
  • Norma Cassidy : Heather Hewitt
  • Toddy/Carol Toddy : Allan Stern
  • Squash Bernstein : Marc Destefano
  • Henri Labisse : Michael McDermott
  • Andre Cassell : Richard Lenehan
  • Sal Andretti : Adam Coons
  • Richard/Jake : Matt Lopez
  • Clam : Eugene Kosarovich
  • Jazz Singer : Jonathan Janssen
  • Flower Lady : Jillian M. Dion
  • Female Ensemble : Charlene Busman, Jennifer S. Depew, Jillian M. Dion, Theresa Duffy, Candace Farone, Kathleen McCabe, Corey White
  • Male Ensemble : Christopher Byrne, Adam Coons, Jonathan Janssen, Eugene Kosarovich, Matt Lopez

Production Team

  • Co-Producer : Melinda Zarnoch
  • Co-Producer : Michelle Sausa-Gatta
  • Director : Laura W. Andruski
  • Musical Director : David Cash
  • Stage Manager : Kara DiCaterino
  • Set/Lighting Designer : Ken Zarnoch
  • Costume Designer : Chris Persans
  • Choreographer : Heather D’Arcy
  • Properties : Stacey LaCombe
  • Master Carpenter : Richard Lenehan

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April 30 - May 2 & 6-9, 2004