Leapin Lizards! – Our favorite comic strip orphan is back! Watch this timeless classic of the little redhead, who is determined to find her parents, foil the orphanage’s Head Mistress and find a new, loving family. Annie’s score boasts the Broadway favorites, “Easy Street” and “Tomorrow.”


  • Molly: Ruthie Strosberg
  • Pepper: Donna Thompson
  • Duffy: Candace Branion
  • July: Mary Ellen Druzba
  • Tessie: Happy McPartlin
  • Kate: Jennifer Koblensky
  • Annie: Laura Dowling
  • Miss Hannigan: Donna Dodd
  • Bundles McCloskey: Alan Angelo
  • Apple Seller: Molly Wright
  • Dog Catcher: Jack Koblensky
  • Sandy: Mac
  • Lt. Ward: Mark Sawyer
  • Cop: Sam Kaido
  • Sophie: Bonnie Williams
  • Grace Farrell: Patti Searle
  • Drake: Bill Finnen
  • Mrs. Pugh: Molly Wright
  • Mrs. Greer: Barbara Nelson
  • Cecile: Jeanette Tubbs
  • Annette: Sara Pratico
  • Oliver Warbucks: Fred Lyngard
  • Star To Be: Gail Garrison
  • Rooster Hannigan: Tim Koch
  • Lily: Patti Nelson
  • Bert Healy: Dave Charles
  • Fred McCracken: Jack Koblensky
  • Jimmy Johnson: Sev Moro
  • Sound Effects Man: Mark Sawyer
  • Bonnie Boylan: Sara Pratico
  • Connie Boylan: Gail Garrison
  • Ronnie Boylan: Bonnie Williams
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt: Scott Lothrop
  • Harold Ickes: E. Dale Atwell
  • Louis Howe: Paul Snay
  • Henry Morgenthau: Bob Harrison
  • Cordell Hull: Jim Dunham
  • Frances Perkins: Bobbi Nelson
  • Honor Guard: Sam Kaido
  • Justice Brandeis: Dave Charles
  • Orphan alternates: Suzy Boltzer, Lara Patrick
  • Chorus: Alan Angelo, E. Dale Atwell, Suzy Boltzer, Dave Charles, Timothy Dowling, Stephen Dowling, Bill Finnen, Gail Garrison, Jodi Gilman, Bob Harrison, Sam Kaido, Amy Koblensky, Jack Koblensky, Scott Lothrop, Sev Moro, Bobbi Nelson, Lara Patrick, Sara Pratico, Mark Sawyer, Paul Snay, Joan Sticher, Ruthie Sturges, Jeanette Tubbs, Bonnie Williams, Molly Wright

Production Team

  • Director: Orlando Pigliavento
  • Music Director: Kenneth Nelson
  • Asst Music Director: Barbara Nelson
  • Choreographers: Orlando and Eleanor Pigliavento
  • Producers: Varro and Jean Clarke
  • Stage Manager: Varro Clarke
  • Set Design: Jack Byrne & Bob Farquharson
  • Set Decoration: Bob Farquharson & team
  • Lighting Design: Jean Dowd & Jeff Bertuch
  • Sound: Chuck LaMalfa
  • Costumes: Jane Coffey & team
  • Make-up: Lillian Kline & team
  • Hair Styling: Joe Garrasi
  • Properties: Terry Wick & team

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November 29, 30 & December 1, 2, 1984