Fun Home

Fun Home

Moving between past and present, main character Alison reflects on the memories of her uniquely dysfunctional family along with the discovery of her own sexuality. The winner of 5 Tony Awards, Fun Home’s honest and intimate tale is sure to connect with audience members of all kinds.

This production is rated R as it depicts scenes of violence, domestic and sexual abuse, suicide, and other intense topics.

Fun Home is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals.

Production Staff

Director Francesco Carlo Archina
Music Director Emily Rose Rivera
Choreographer Mani Velvet McCalmon
Producers Debbie Paniccia & Sonya Sidhu-Izzo
Stage Manager Sara Fredericks
Accompanist Sean Koehler Obach
Assistant Stage Manager  Kasey Clark
Dance Captain Mahogany Akita
Set Designer Marc Christopher
Master Carpenter Jon Beaulac
Scenic Artists Rory Alexa, Allison Dutkiewicz, Lui Levanti,
          Zilya McCalmon & Shaune-Anthony Sundown
Set Construction/Painting Jon Beaulac, Matt Connell, Don Dooling,
          Brad Hays, Rylie Huang, Tom Huang, Veronica Huang,
          Reuben Hull, Reese Hull, Jamie Dorbil, Thearse McCalmon,
          Ella Merritt, Joe Murphy, Justin Nadal, Greta Obach & Cameron Clarke Stevens
Lighting Designer Dimitri Vasilakos
Light Board Operator Beth Swallow
Spotlight Operators Haley Kastler & Shaune-Anthony Sundown
Sound Designer  Katie Fitzmorris
Sound Assistant Kasey Clark
Costume Designer Rory Alexa
Hair & Make-up Designer Olivia Sabatini
Property Designer Sara Fredericks
Acting Coach Joshua Rivera
Production Licensed Therapist Emily Joseph
Stage Crew Leah Gallinger
Board Liaison Thearse McCalmon
I.D.E.A. Liaisons Matthew Dembling & Rose Biggerstaff


Alison Hollie L. Miller
Small Alison Vivienne Hays (March 14, 16, 22 & 24)
Small Alison Katherine Beaulac (March 15, 17, 21 & 23)
Bruce Cameron Clarke Stevens
Medium Alison Sammy Wilson
Helen Elizabeth Sterling
Christian Vincent Connell
John Liam Murphy
Joan Mahogany Akita
Roy/Pete/Mark/Bobby Jeremy Justin Nadal
Ensemble (u/s Alison/Helen) Emily Joseph
Ensemble (u/s Small Alison/Christian/John) Rylie Huang
Ensemble (u/s Medium Alison/Joan) Regan Zlotnick
Ensemble (u/s Roy/Pete/Mark/Bobby Jeremy) Peter Mostert

Photos courtesy of Best Frame Forward

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March 15-24, 2024