Rydell High’s gum-chewing, hubcap-stealing, hot rod-loving boys and their wise-cracking girls in bobby sox and pedal pushers take the stage in this rollicking musical. While hip Danny Zuko and wholesome Sandy Dumbroski resolve the problems of their mutual attraction, the gang sings and dances its way through such nostalgic scenes as the pajama party, the prom, the burger palace and the drive-in movie.

Songs recall the Buddy Holly hiccups, the Little Richard yodels and the Elvis Presley wiggles that made the music of the 50’s a gas. Grease’s eight-year run made Broadway history and its recent long-running revival puts it among the most popular musicals of the 90’s.

“A lively and funny musical – as well as the dancingest one in town… It is a winner… The songs are dandies that portray early rockers… with zip and charm… The sheer energy of “Grease!” carries all before it.” – NY Daily News


  • Miss Lynch: Donna Baxter
  • Patty Simcox: Christine Meglino
  • Eugene Florczyk: Zak Merriman
  • Gals: Olivia Baackes, Anna Cardillo, Allison Crystal, Shannon Egna, Lindsey Rearic, Rachel Yoder
  • Guys: Johnny Aini (Dance Captain), Greg Picullel, Brian Rogerson
  • Jan: Christine Marcella
  • Marty: Rachel Gentile
  • Rizzo: Libby Alois
  • Doody: Adam Coons
  • Roger: Brian Sheldon
  • Kenickie: Matt Harvey
  • Sonny Latierri: Christopher Byrnes
  • Frenchy: Andrea Lamothe
  • Sandy Dumbrowsky: Alana Sangiacomo
  • Danny Zuko: Brian Avery
  • Vince Fontaine: Brian Rogerson
  • Johnny Casino: John Robert McEnerney
  • Cha-Cha Digregorio: Candace L. Farone
  • Teen Angel: Jerry Gretzinger

    Production Team

  • Producer: Brett Putnam
  • Director: Matthew T. Teichner
  • Musical Director: Frank Krumal
  • Choreographer: Christine Marcella
  • Stage Manager: Regina Baker
  • Lighting Design: Ken Zarnoch
  • Set Design: Richard Lenehan
  • Costume Design: Mary-Ann Muth
  • Sound Design: Ric Bello
  • Properties: Anne Sylvester
  • Makeup Design: Marcia Lenehan
  • Hair Design: Kathy Zalesky

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May 6-8 & 12-15, 2005