Triumph of Love

Triumph of Love

Love can make a woman do strange things. Like lie about her past. Or give up her career for the man she loves. Or throw off her princessly raiment and disguise herself as a young man in order to infiltrate the guarded “men-only” palace compound of an exiled prince she’s admired from afar, who is secretly plotting to murder her and usurp her throne. Such is the state of things in this hilarious, tongue-in-cheek, anachronistic adaptation of the classic Marivaux comedy “Triumph Of Love.”


  • Princess Léonide: Heather D’Arcy
  • Agis: Eric Shovah
  • Hersione: Joan Horgan
  • Hermocrates: Colin McCarty
  • Harlequin: Tim Orcutt
  • Corine: Kristen Olochnowicz
  • Dimas: Ross Snyder

Production Team

  • Producer: Ted Vickery
  • Director: Tom Heckert
  • Music Director: Theresa Fitzmaurice
  • Set Design/Construction: Mary Kozlowski & Ed Malachowski
  • Lighting: Ken And Melinda Zarnoch
  • Stage Manager: Donna Baxter
  • Costumes: Pat Casey
  • Properties: Kathy Frisic
  • Sound: Peter Codella
  • Make-Up: Marcia Lenahan
  • Hair: John Fowler

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March 4-6 & 10-13, 2005