Set during the vaudeville era, Gypsy is about a relentless stage mother, Rose, traveling the country with her two daughters, June and Louise, and their manager, Herbie. While June and Louise wish their mother would settle down and marry Herbie, Rose continues to pursue dreams of stardom for her girls. When June deserts the act, Rose turns her attention to the shy Louise, whom she hopes to fashion into a star. When the act is booked into a burlesque house by mistake, Louise is forced into the spotlight and Gypsy Rose Lee is born.


  • Uncle Jocko: Don Countermine
  • George: Brendan Doyle
  • Arnold (and his cello): Drew Mensching
  • Balloon Girl: Jessica Babcock
  • Baby Louise: Ashley Markellos
  • Baby June: Kelly Swint
  • Rose: Bonnie Williams
  • Pop: Ted Rucinski
  • Newsboys: Matt Bouchard, Brendan Charles
  • Weber: Chris Markellos
  • Herbie: Don Edmans
  • Louise/Gypsy Rose Lee: Beth Whiteman
  • June: Jessica DiScipio
  • Tulsa: Kyle DeLorenzo
  • Yonkers: Christopher Byrne
  • Angie: Leslie Eliashuk
  • L.A.: Christopher Byrne
  • Kringelein: John Wood
  • Mr. Goldstone: Christopher Markellos
  • Farmhands: Christopher Byrne, Kyle DeLorenzo, Shannon Egna, Leslie Eliashuk, Daniel Pigliavento, Kelyn Petrie (Dance Captain)
  • Miss Cratchitt: Kate Kaufman-Burns
  • Hollywood Blonds: Shannon Egna, Leslie Eliashuk, Kelyn Petrie, Stacy Robinson, Abby Van Deusen
  • Pastey: Brendan Doyle
  • Tessie Tura: Kate Kaufman Burns
  • Mazeppa: Kristina Kennedy-Babcock
  • Cigar: Christopher Markellos
  • Electra: Joanne Mensching
  • Showgirls: Shannon Egna, Leslie Eliashuk, Heather Jahn, Kelyn Petrie, Stacy Robinson, Abby Van Deusen
  • Maid: Kelyn petrie
  • Phil: Christopher Byrne
  • Bourgeron-Cochon: John Wood
  • Cow: Heather Jahn, Stacy Robinson

Production Team

  • Producer: Michael Mensching
  • Director: Orlando Pigliavento
  • Choreographer: Debra Pigliavento
  • Music Director: Vincent M. Bonafede
  • Assistant to Director: Marlene Countermine
  • Set Design: Bob Farquharson
  • Set Construction: Varro Clarke
  • Costume Design: Connie Rauhauser
  • Lighting Design: Ken Zarnoch
  • Stage Manager: Peggy Moore
  • Sound Design: Jeff Rauhauser
  • Properties: Linda Jones, Carolyn Mills
  • Make-up Design: Marcia Lenehan
  • Hair/Wig Design: Catherine Zeleski

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December 3-5 & 9-12, 2004